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Me: (at the end of a long rant) basically since the success of a tv show is determined by the value of its ad space and they target the most influential demographic, which is dudes, most tv shows get cancelled if they're not watched by males aged 18-35.
Flatmate: so what you're saying is...
Me: the patriarchy might be directly responsible for the cancellation of Hannibal, yes.
Flatmate: wow.
Me: so now I can just add that to the long list of things that the patriarchy has fucked up!
Flatmate: --don't forget capitalism!
Me: --the long list of things that the capitalist patriarchy has fucked up! But what can we do?!
Flatmate: we're just two feminist socialists mad at the world.
Me: anyway, you'll know if it get's renewed 'cause you'll hear the screams of joy from my room. And you'll know if it gets cancelled by the trail of bodies I leave behind.
Flamate: All male, aged 18-35.
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