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daughteroctober replied to your post: Do you mean you don’t like the film/tv shows or the actual original book of Wuthering Heights? if the book, why don’t you like it? I love hearing different opinions on things

Thank you for pointing out that Rochester has major problems too.

I like Jane Eyre as a book because Jane herself is a really good, compelling character who pushes at the parameters society has assigned to her but in this quiet, subversive way and it’s lovely

but Rochester is a douchebag— nay, a racist, sexist douchebag who got his money through colonialism and blames the failure of his marriage on his mentally ill Creole wife. And then imprisons her. And possibly burns the house down with her in it. The fact that Jane ends up with him in the end makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

Jean Rhys wrote a book about Mrs Rochester’s side of the story, and it’s called Wide Saragasso Sea and I think if you’re going to read Jane Eyre it’s a really good idea to read that afterwards, as it’s the complete antithesis of Jane Eyre. Plus, it’s gorgeously written, like all of Rhys’ work.

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  2. stardust-bones said: What makes you say that Rochester possibly burns the house down with his wife in it, when according to the book she lights the house on fire and he tries to rescue her?
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