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Anonymous asked: Do you mean you don't like the film/tv shows or the actual original book of Wuthering Heights? if the book, why don't you like it? I love hearing different opinions on things

oh man like

I’m sure everyone has that one book which, for one reason or another, sticks in their craw. For me, it’s Wuthering Heights. It’s not just that I think it’s poorly written (which I do) or because none of the characters are likeable (which they aren’t) or even that it holds a revered place in the literary canon where better books should be (which it does). It’s mostly to do with how the Heathcliff/Cathy dynamic has somehow become a template for a desirable relationship to young women. Which, what. Heathcliff is the poster guy for “oh, he’s terrible, BUT I CAN CHANGE HIM”. He’s an utterly abhorrent character and yet generations of young women have sighed over this brooding figure who snarls and hurls abuse, just as they sigh over a man who keeps his wife locked in an attic and a man who treats people like shit because of his ~inner pain~.

I’m pretty sure there’s a bit in Twilight where Bella is reading Wuthering Heights and I laughed out loud because yeah, of course that’s where she got her taste in men.

(interestingly enough I have seen one or two adaptations that were okay, but invariably I am more likely to enjoy the adaptation the more it diverges from the source material)

Whoops this came out really angry, I apologise. People have a lot of different opinions about that book. It just happens that mine are all resoundingly negative, sorry.

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