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Brienne of Tarth & Margaery Tyrell | Game of Thrones | Season 4 Episode 1 | Two Swords

Brienne of Tarth & Margaery Tyrell | Game of Thrones | Season 4 Episode 1 | Two Swords

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Wipe him.

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cap TS


cap TS

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Black Widow and Winter Solder: Soviet Russia 1958

Art (c) JBadgr

"I was their secret weapon in the cold war… or at least, I was one of them. The Black Widow was another. Something about her touched what was left of my humanity."

Captain America Vol. 5 Issue 624


I changed the date— this would be right after BW finishes her training and before WS is put in cryo for having super sexy Soviet sex with her (HOLY ALLITERATION, BATMAN).

I’m so happy to have gained new followers and friends who enjoy Marvel comics or even the films :D It’s great to see a fandom explosion for these two. AGAIN, FINGERS CROSSED FOR THE MAXIMOFFS!

Hope you like it! <3 Jess

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Watching their second chances from afar.

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a dudebro goes over to the frankenstein place and says “ugh, heavy makeup and fishnets are such an unattractive trend.” tim curry screams “I DIDN’T WEAR IT FOR YOU” and kills him with a pickax and then everyone eats him

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Neverland AU ♔ Red-Handed Jill (100 Years Ago)
"I was told you ran away from home."
"I… I had never thought of it that way. I suppose I did."
"How wonderful!"

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"Channing Tatum Has Met With X-Men Producer About Playing Gambit"


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I can’t believe this really happened


when you said you needed space


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Can you imagine Emma TL kissing Hook to wake him up from a sleeping curse

And the [woosh] happens

And he doesn’t open his eyes

And Emma stares at him in disbelief and pain and possibly growing panic

And then that fucker says “I’m not sure it worked,  try again love.”

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